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• 6.10 at studio 200 w/ Gettoblaster, Apple Country, D1, Thrasher, more
• 6.16 MELT at Quarters
• 8.05 at Cactus Club w/ Doormouse & Anonymous
• 8.18-21 Speaker Kreatures/MELT/Mobcore Land of Sunshine DIYss at Drop Bass Network's Even Furthur

MELT - milwaukee electronic & experimental music series

"“Step Fourth” opens the EP (HAVOC RUN) with some invitingly peppy instrumental hip-hop, and though things grow gothier and more industrial from there, there’s a hookiness that carries through all four tracks, even “The Turn,” the blustery nine-minute circus suite that closes the EP." - Shepherd Express

"...dark, brooding electronic music that can only be described as intense, and that’s phrasing it lightly. Every track sounds like it could very well be the climax of a horror film, as is the case with the latest release, “Havoc Run”. It’s like sensory overload in a track; drums, pulsating synths, and god knows what else come at you from every angle... it’s totally original." - Breaking and Entering

"In an almost shamanistic manner, it was as if he were negotiating an exorcism between himself,
his instrument and those assembled to witness his machinated grooves that hovered somewhere on
the periphery of drum and bass and industrial, with the briefest of interludes to a more organic soulfulness (and with bits of vocal who-knows-what interspersed amid it all). Exactly who was being exorcised of what became almost immaterial as Demix worked his magic into increasingly intense, nearly seamless sonic highs until they would drop into the echoes of the crowd's collective memory." - Shepherd Express

"An eerily cinematic blast of unsettling, apocalyptic screeching and slippery, reptilian beats." - The Onion AV Club

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updated oct 16th 2017